Wednesday, June 29, 2011

More Preparations and CAKE!

After the hectic nature of Ritha's wedding we returned back to our own wedding

planning. Sunday morning was spent stuffing, stamping and sealing our wedding invitations. We've already started to get RSVPs, which is so exciting! We also completed possibly the most important part of planning, CAKE TASTING! A friend of mine from Kaplan's girlfriend is a baker and she not only makes beautiful cakes, but as we found out on Sunday, very tasty ones as well! We decided to go with a traditional wedding cake that Landry was far more into designing than I expected him to, but I always welcome his wedding planning enthusiasm. We're also doing two specialty cakes, but those will be a secret until the big day. I can tell you that they're super awesome! We decided on pound cake with fudge frosting for the cake that will feed most of our guests since this seemed to be a real crowd pleaser at the tasting (and by crowd pleaser I mean Landry and I both agreed on it!) One of our specialty cakes will be Landry's favorite flavor, which was

pound cake with caramel frosting and the other will be my favorite, fudge cake with peanut butter frosting. Yum, I can almost taste it!

Last night we spent two hours hanging out in the basement studio of our DJs going over music selections and the schedule for our reception. I was psyched about their work before this meeting, but now that we've had it I'm officially giddy. They're so all about personal service I just can't get over it. They're going to incorporate our French music, African music, my Motown and oldies background, and our current love of hip-hop into a personal library of music basically hand picked by us! There won't be one song played at our wedding that we don't absolutely love! How many brides and grooms get to say that??

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