Saturday, May 28, 2011

84 Days to Go!

I'm not sure why exactly I waited until 84 days before my wedding to start blogging about the process. It's May 28th and we've been engaged for 469 days. I supposed I could have been writing all that time, but I feel like it's just in the last few days that I've found myself incredibly excited for my wedding. Before now it didn't seem real. But in the last few weeks my bridesmaids have been in full shower planning mode, my dress has come into the dress shop, and my friend Anisa is sending my wedding shoes, her gift to me, from India.

One of my bridesmaids, Suzy, actually suggested that I start writing a blog months ago. I wrote a blog for the time I spent in Gabon with my fiance in 2008 and got really positive feedback from those that followed it. I do like to write and I think I'll look back on this blog as a great virtual scrapbook of planning. I hope whoever reads this enjoys it and the pics I post. I'm definitely looking forward to sharing the experience!

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